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Rose Garden Heirloom Blanket

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Beautiful heirloom quality blanket made from our past seasons product remnants, vintage cloth from oma's fabric stash along with repurposed garments all pre washed in eco friendly detergent.

Perfectly sized to snuggle your sweet little one in their moses basket, car seat, bassinet or on the go for some tummy time at the park!

The top of each blanket is pieced together from lightweight cotton and linen, arranged so that each blanket is unique. Each blanket includes three layers, the heirloom top, a soft cotton lining and 100% linen backing, making it the perfect weight to keep your babe cozy.

These blankets were designed with your new babies in mind. The no fuss smaller size means you don't have to fight with bunching a larger blanket into the carseat or folding it to fit into the bassinet. And as your sweet little one grows, this blanket transitions perfectly to become a security lovey blanket for your toddler.

Each blanket is unique, so if you love this one, make it yours before it's gone.

26" x 26'

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