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Soothing Bath Tea


An über gentle bath of soothing oatmeal and chamomile flowers. The oatmeal extract that is made by steeping oats, in combination with the healing and calming properties of chamomile, makes for the perfect bath for babies with mild skin irritation and for protecting delicate baby skin.

Includes 4 single use bath satchels in a wooden crate.

Satchels are handmade from organic cotton and chiffon.

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Ingredients*: organic oats and chamomile flowers

Directions: Steep satchel in a mug of boiled water for 10-15 minutes (or while you run the bath and get your baby ready). Pour steeped tea and satchel into bath and swirl into bath water with your hand. Satchel can be used as a gentle wash clothe.

CAUTION mug of tea water is hot and should be combined with bathwater before putting children into the bath. Tea satchel will remain hot after adding to bath, make sure to check temperature before using as a cloth on your child's skin.

*For more information about the benefits of each ingredient see our Apotheke Index.

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