Winter Cabin Trip w/ Toddler & Baby


Winter is the time of year we ditch the tents & splurge on cabin rentals. We relish in the ability to pull all our gear in - instead of carry it all on our backs - and we cozy up in the way only a cabin surrounded by winter wonderland can provide!


Weekend Warriors Book in Advance!

If you're a weekend warrior make sure to book well in advance because public use cabins & other popular rentals fill up fast for weekend bookings.

Midweek Flexibility in Winter

If you are lucky enough to plan midweek adventures, winter cabin trips can be very spur of the moment as there are usually a lot of open reservations midweek in the winter. This makes

Our trip

Every family is different & every trip is different! Instead of trying to create a generalized packing list or give advice on what you should do, I am just going to detail what we did & let you tailor it to fit your needs! If you get through this entire post & have questions about something relating to our trip or feel like we could help you with something you can't quite figure out when planning your own trip - please ask in the comments section or e-mail us!

**** Note: This is our first ever blog post! Much of the content was first created for Instagram stories & has not been reformatted for this purpose. However, since so many of you have said you've gone back and referenced our stories from our highlights, I wanted to make this trip available as a blog post! ****

xc-ski trip into a dry, woodstove heated public-use cabin

We reserved the Yuditna Cabin on the bank of Eklutna Lake, Alaska for two nights (January 6-8, 20201) & skied into the cabin using the Lakeside Trail (2.75 miles one-way).

Sled Set-up

We used both a kid trailer with skis and a heavy duty sled to pull in our gear.

ski kid trailer

We used our Burley Encore Double trailer on skis to haul our 11 month old & some soft light gear.

gear sled

We used a Trek 60 Pelican sled for hauling the rest of our gear, firewood & Etta to the cabin. We purchased this sled for $45 at Walmart & have used it so much since this trip!

Gear & wood was packed into 18gal and 27 gal tubs, to keep it all contained & anything left over was piled on top, covered with a tarp & bungeed down!


The key to keeping our things organized & easy to use is to separate gear into smaller bins. In one 16qt bin we kept all our cooking & eating supplies!

We packed the dry foods & perishable foods in separate bins - that way we could pack both the day before & leave the perishables in the fridge to grab in the morning.

These bins fit perfectly in a Trek 60 sled!

Easy access gear

It's important to keep some of our gear easily accessible, so we've included a short list of those items.


Getting there

Packing for a trip like this is over half the battle! Make sure to get it all done the day before giving yourself more time to drive & ski in the following day!

A few extra tips

I've included a few extra things we learned from this trip. Have a scroll through our images & add to the comment section if you've got any ideas and tips of your own!

Sleeping in a new place

This is the number one thing we get asked about when people hear we take our kids camping with us. Sleeping in a new place can be hard for kids! To take the stress off we forgo any routine & we don't try to "put the kids to bed". Our kids stay up with us & hang out, when it's time for bed we all go to bed together. Sometimes hanging out past their usual bedtime means one or both have fallen asleep already & we've tucked them into bed. But what we have found doesn't work is trying to put them to bed & expect them to sleep in a new place - be it a cabin bunk or a tent.

Have fun!

Thanks so for reading along if you made it this far! Our future blog posts will be formatted in a style that's a little easier to follow! If you have suggestions, questions about gear or anything else please don't hesitate to comment or e-mail us!

Happy adventuring!





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